C1920 Russian Harbin Art Nouveau Silver Spoons

$50.00 each

Harbin silver is an interesting branch of study. It is silver made in Harbin, a Russian city built on land leased from China. The railroad administrative city was in China, on the Chinese Eastern Railway, but was built purely as a Russian metropolis. With the Revolutions and the triangular Civil War Harbin received many, mostly pro-Tzarist, Russians escaping the Russian homeland enroute to safety abroad. 100,000 White Army Guards aand refugees escaped to Harbin, which made it the largest Russian enclave ourside the Soviet Union. Many emigre silerversmiths set up in Harbin, allowing Russians to turn their less portable wealth into jewels and silver, which was easy to take to Australia, America or Europe. The city was largely a residual pocket of Imperial Russia until its occupation under the Japanese, using the Emperor as a puppet, in the 1930s, at which time the majority of Russians  fled again.

The silver usually in the Russian style, 84 zolotnik standard (87.5%) and is usually marked with a cast in "84" mark, without city assay marks. It is only rarely stamped with a maker's mark. These Art  Nouveau arrow terminal spoons are 14 cm long and each weighs about 12 grams. There are three of the same pattern and two individuals.




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