C1920 set 6 Cocktail or Liqueur Glasses

$90.00 the smart set of 6

This set of six cocktail or liqueuer glasses  stands 9.5 cm tall and 7 cm in diameter. While cocktails were invented by the Gorgeous Georgians (like everything else: electric light, railways!)  in New Orleans, they rapidly became all the rage after WWI. With a lack of servants in the period after the Great War, cocktail parties were a way of entertaining that required only the host to mix drinks and the hostess, usually with the help of one staff, to produce canapes. Simultaneously dinner services, tea sets, cutlery sets and dining suites all reduced to 6 rather than larger numbers.

Remember as a guest at a cocktail party held between 5 and 7pm, to greet your host and hostess upon arriving. Circulate in an anti- clockwise direction. Stay about 15 minutes. Never farewell your host or hostess. After all, you have several socially crucial cocktail parties at which to be seen and admired, before joining others at The Club for dinner. Prudent socialites never finish a drink.

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