C1920 Set 6 Harbin Russian Silver Soup (modern Table)Spoons

$600.00 set of 6

This is a category that causes great confusion to dealers and collectors across the world. Be careful, Harbin silver is often mistakenly sold as Imperial period. It is made by the very same silversmiths who supplied the wealthy before the Revolution, and in rare cases the silversmith's stamp is on the silver. However, the tell-tale faux hallmark that identifies Harbin ware is an oval with a woman's head, wearing a kokoshnik head dress, and an 84 mark. However, the city mark is missing, and the stamp is sometimes cast into the silver: clearly an impossibility with genuine hall-marked silver. The mark is also not as crisp as an official stamped kokoshnik mark. The pieces themselves are often hugely attractive, with engraved decoration and gilding. It is also common for a mix of highly polished and matte surfaces to be employed. The silver really is 84 zolotnik purity, (87.5%). Harbin silver is historically exciting, as it was made just after the Revolution, mainly but not exclusively, in Harbin, the Russian-built city inside China, a railway centre. People fleeing the Revolution and the civil war turned cash and non-portable assets into silver and jewellery in Harbin as a means of having portable wealth to take with them as they fled to safer countries, such as Australia, usually Brisbane.

This set of six soup spoons weighs a total of 389 grams, and each spoon is 21.5 cm long.The bowl interiors are highly polished while the rest of the silver is pounced to have a matte finish.

Such is the life of an antique dealer we are just putting these in stock now, having bought them in 2008!

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