C2000 Chinese Carved Jade Kylin


Bought 20 years ago, possibly new at the time, although there was already a repair to an eartip, this heavy carved jade kylin is 27 cm long, 17 cm tall and 10 cm wide. The rich translucent stone ranges from a pale celadon green through to a dark reddish brown.  2850 grams.

There was a similar one at auction recently with an estimate of $20-$40! Was it horribly broken, or did the vendor and auction house have no idea what it is, or is it simply a "come hither" pretend estimate? Estimates are sometimes very much lower (in Australia, not the US, due to different laws) than the reserve, as auctions exist by generating both hope and competition. Much free publicity can be engineered by selling a thing for exactly what was expected, but many, many times the low published estimate. Fortunately for us, the jade sold for $950, which I believe was the hammer, making the price with Buyers' Premium about $1200- $1300, a newsworthy 60 times the low estimate.

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