Chateau de Montgeoffroy interior. Mostly 1770s. Ref: Porrot Chair

This interior is from the Chateau de Montgoeffroy. It is illustrated here for two resons. Firstly, it is the typical original environment for many of the 18th century French chairs and other French furniture we have in stock. Secondly, many of the original 1770s chairs in Montgeoffroy are by Noel Tousaint Porrot, and we presently have a Bergere of his in stock. We have sold a pair of Porrot Fauteuil. The chateau is particularly interesting to furniture historians because it was rebuilt, decorated and furnished in the 1770s and fate was kind enough to leave it as it was. Most of the furniture supplied by the Parisian menuisiers (joined pieces:chairs etc) and ebenistes (veneered things, mostly case pieces) are still there, and in their original rooms. Some sport original upholstery.

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