Chinese Hardstone Flowering Plant in Precious Stones.


This elegant Chinese carved stone flowering plant is probably the first half of last century, but, alas, not Imperial period. Carnelian, rose quartz, jadeite, and such used to be called semi-precious stones. However, since this classification was deleted ages ago by gemologists, if I use this obsolete term, our house gemologist will take umbrage and become "difficult"!  Made of precious stones, such trees have been made since at least the 18th century, and the NGV has a splendid pair in its collection. It is my belief they are no longer made in hardstone, and recent flowering plants are glass or plastic. This one stands 36 cm tall and is about 26 cm wide. As the stones are all translucent, the trees are best displayed near a light or in front of a window.

I have a pair in front of the mirror above the fireplace, so the light reflects back through them, and they look magnificent. Vastly cheaper than a year's worth of bought flowers!

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