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Dutch style Oil Portrait in the style of Govert Flink (1615-1660)


This is an early 20th century oil portrait after Flink or similar. Govert Flink was one of Rembrandt's best pupils, and, unlike so many artists, died rich, after having married an heiress, and been commercially succesful in Amsterdam. This painting is of an elderly man wearing velvet in tertiary colours, and a velvet beret, typical dress of the period and often illustrated in Flink's paintings. One assumes the dull tertiary colours being due to candlelight.

The canvas has a Parisian retailer's stamp and the stretcher is stamped several times with January 1913, which I think is the date of manufacture. So our painting is probably later that year.

Original gilt frame. Frame is 90 cm by 75 cm.

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