Folk Art Jewel Casket in Carved Wood and Brass, Early 20th Century(?)


This charming piece of craft is in the traditional shape of a pirate's treasure chest. The domed top, with tapering sides was a typical form in the heyday of piracy, but was employed for marriage chests, and caskets of all kinds. The film and TV Pirate association lends the shape a romance it may not previously have exuded. This little box is 14 cm wide, 9 cm deep and 8.5 cm tall. It is hinged, and has a lock but no key. The dense, geometric carving is a type that has been used about everywhere in Russia, Europe, South Asia and the Middle East. I suspect this one is Eastern European due to the type of hinge and lock. The circles all over have n been ornamented by little brass nails. I doubt such folk art will ever be made again.





coffee caddy

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