Gillows Chairs Advert in Antiques and Collectibles Spring 2020

$4,250.00 set 6

The latest issue, Spring 2020, of "Carters' Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit" is now in your local newsagent. Pleasebuy it! See other listing this website for more chair details.
The part I enjoy most is the reporting of prices paid at auction that were vastly more than the estimate, sometimes 100 times the estimate. (One saucer dish sold for $14,000 against and estimate of $120.) We are all sitting at home looking at our screens and madly pressing buttons.The winner at auction is the person willing to pay the most money: more than anybody else. Estimates are often unrealistically low so as to encourgae bids. Auctions are all about competition, so the more punters, the higher the price. I hope first time bidders remember the additional buyer's premium and the lack of any legal guarantee.
Meanwhile, this set of Gillows chairs is a set price, nothing more to pay, and they came with a legally recognised guaranty.
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