History made flesh! Time travel now available!

This 1770s gentleman is seated at a Louis XV chair at a Louis XV table executing watercolours, as there were no camera phones then. You could sit at a similar table from the 1700s with your tablet or 'phone. You could perch on a similar chair of the same period. Of course, you probably will not be wearing a powdered wig, silk brocade suit and buckled shoes in 2018 (but who can predict the fashions of 2170?). Nevertheless, you would be perfectly comfortable, with good back support, and be much more emotionally, spiritually and physically uplifted than if you were working on modern chipboard and synthetic foam. We stock a wide range of elegant and practical carbon storage units made between C1670 and C1830. Older than Melbourne! Our furniture has now been test driven for 200+ years and is ready for the next few centuries, which could all be in your family. The cheapest furniture you can ever buy is the furniture that will still serve your great great grandchildren. How much per year does Ikea cost?

The table is French, C1760 and $4250.

The chair is French, C1750 and $1750.

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