Imperial Russian gold Sapphire Collar Studs, original Box, Denisov-Uralsky

$2,500.00 Original box!

Alexei Kuzmich Denisov-Uralsky (1863-1926) is famous more for his paintings and hard stone animals than for his jewellery. Yet here are a pair of articulated dress or collar studs. The hard stone animals are usually associated with Faberge, but many, particularly those with gold around the gemstone eyes,  are by Denisov-Uralsky. This pair of 14 ct gold and sapphire collar studs are in their original box, stamped A. Denisoff-Ouralsky, Moika 42, St Petersburg. The studs are hinged at the back to allow ease of insertion. The studs are stamped with a Kokoshnik hallmark with the St Petersburg alpha and the 56 for 14 ct gold. The workmaster's stamped initials are, not surprisingly,  A.D.

The box is 5.2 cm wide.

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