Impressive Rose Cut Diamond Ring, (central stone .41ct)Georgian Style


This ring has an interesting story. I bought it as an experiment, from an Indian manufacturer, who advertised copies of Georgian jewellery. I realised the image was of the original Georgian ring, and that was confirmed by the description of the stones etc.(See silvery ring, big stone, on white background) I want to see how close the copy would be. What arrived was the coppery coloured ring on pink background. The stones were all real diamond, but the major stone was cracked and very thin: only 14 points. There was no foil backing so the sparkle was meagre. Ou highly skilled jeweller retrofitted a platinum foil back to the "big" central stone, but the stone broke. We replaced the stone with one we had, and old one of 41 points. So the ring we are selling is a new silver ring with gold plating, set with a foil backed central .41carat old rose cut diamond, surrounded by newly cut rose cut diamonds.

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