Investment Formula for Classic Furnishings

I have discovered the formula for what antiques will sell over the current but infant boom, now that we are into its early stages. Unlike bank, tech  and other erratic shares, the regular heartbeat cycle of antiques is remarkably predictable. We are now about five years after the bottom of the market* and prices and demand has been steadily rising. We should have another steep price and popularity rise for at least another 20 years, mimicking the last boom of the 1970s and 1980s. Note that in the 1980s people bought Victorian houses in the former slums of Fitzroy, Collingwood and Abbottsford, as well as suburbs that had never been down at heel. The demand for housefuls of Victorian antiques followed. Now the predominant home is a smaller, high rise apartment, so the antiques chosen are more select: smaller in number, rarer and higher in quality. Generational change is now being felt with the under-30s buying antiques, in contrast to Gen X who are often at home in Ikea, Mid-Century Modern, white Maxwell Williams dinner ware and mugs, and arctic white walls.

Pearl of Wisdom:"If something would appear in a Manhattan penthouse illustrated in a 1980's Architectural Digest, it will sell."

Now Minimalism has been relegated (only temporarily, drat) to the dustbin of history, or at least the remote unfashionable suburbs, and Maximalism, colour, pattern, texture and shiny things(!), and an appreciation of natural materials with eroded surfaces prevails. The antiques selling for Australian apartments tend to be trophy or "show pony" examples. Plain brown mid-Victorian wood is not firing (yet!), but rich and lustrous rare cabinet woods, marquetry, metal mounts, marble tops, are doing very well indeed. Lush is the flavour. Anything that might conceivably be duplicated by a robot in a factory in China is avoided. Natural materials are in, things that are bad for the environment are out, particularly chip board.

*Hence Roy's Antiques is stuffed to the gunwales with things bought at the cheapest moment, an ever increasing advantage to its patrons.

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