Late 19th Century copy of a Georgian Naive Portrait of an American (?) Man

$450.00 repeired

This is a very interesting frameless portrait, which appears to be a naive portrait, almost certainly antebellum American of a man in the white collar upturned, white shirt and black broadcloth coat of about 1815. The style is naive, and typical of early 19th century portraits in America, usually done by itinerant painters, who would paint portraits, murals on walls, etc. My favourite is the clever effect of gluing hessian (burlap) to the wall and then painting it to resemble tapestry. The rationale for a later 19th century portrait is usually that it is of a famous man, not likely here, or that descendants wanted to hang the family portrait, but did not own the original. It came in a very grand, but utterly ruined Victorian gilded frame, which suggests the family continued to be prosperous for quite a while. Repaired near the face. Approx 46 cm by 61 cm.

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