Late 19th Century Large 108cmx92cm Oil on Canvas painting of a Violinist after Luigi di Giovanni (1856-1938)


This large painting (the frame is 108cm by 92 cm.) is a painted copy of the Victoria and Albert Museum, bequeathed by Joshua Dixon, in 1886. Our copy is the same size as the original and probably painted in England not long after its arrival in the V&A.

As the V&A observes: "Luigi di Giovanni (1856-1938) was born in Palermo but attended the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples where he was the pupil of Domenico Morelli (1823-1901). He was an eclectic painter and spent the forty last years of his life in Palermo where he was a teacher in the local Accademia. This painting is a good example of the new realist movement which developed in Italy particularly in Naples and Lombardy. It shows the three-quarter profile of an old man holding a violin and wearing a flabby hat, which probably defined him as a poor fiddler earning his living by playing his instrument from place to places. This picture illustrates well the new attention to social concerns in art during the second half of the 19th century."

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