Minton(?) James Green & Nephew Plate with Hughes-Hallett Armorial


This perfect condition armorial dinner plate is 26 cm in diameter. It bears a red pattern number H 1599, so is probably Minton., It is printed with both the retailers marks for James Green & Nephew, as well as a registration diamond showing the design of the plate shape was registered between 1868 and 1879. The armorial shows a quartering of the arms of Hughes-Hallett with another, unidentified. The Hughes Hallett armorial includes the lion and ducal coronet crest, motto and the upper right and lower left, black fields with three feur de lis and a silver chevron. It appears the Hughes-Hallett armorial dates to the Rev Charles Hughes Hallett, MA (Oxon) of Higham, Kent and Little Dinmow, Essex, who assumed the additional surname and arms of Hallett in 1823. The usual reason for this would be that his wife was the sole descendant of the more august Hallett branch and so the name was  rescued from exctinction.

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