Nathaniel Mills Silver Vinaigrette Box


Nathaniel Mills Silver Vinaigrettes,

all Birmingham.

Left: 1847 SOLD

Middle: 1835 $700 (original Sponge)

Right: 1858* $750

* Nathaniel Mills was a family company of silversmiths. While old publications have suggested that production ceased in 1853, with the death of the last of the three sons, William Mills, with doubt that Nathaniel Mills III worked as a silversmith, the Birmingham Assay Office lists a Nathanial Mills sponsor's mark being reregistered 16/8/1855, so the 1858 date letter on this case is plausible. It is certainly a box of the period, and there is no sign of the sponsor's mark being overstamped. It is certainly unrelated to the recorded Indian(?) manufactured fake N.M boxes I have seen. I am inclined, therefore to think this vinaigrette is genuine.


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