Pair 19th Century Bisque Porcelain “Turkomania” Figurines, an Ottoman Sultan and Sultana.

$325.00 the Exotic Pair

Just as Japan was the major design influence on Europe in the last quarter of the 19th century, the Ottoman empire was the focus of the first third of the 19th century. Politically, the efforts of Greece to escape the Ottoman Empire, aided by Russia, and Lord Byron, brought the exotic Ottoman world into close focus. English thus acquired the words, and the objects, ottoman, sofa, and divan.

This pair of Ottoman or Turkish figures is in bisque, a smear glazed* porcelain, and is highlighted with vividly coloured  glazes. The figures evoke the exotic, charismatic and mysterious East. Each figure is 24 cm tall and the diameter of the socle is 10cm.

*The glaze powder is thrown into the kiln to vaporise and settle on the porcelain, so it looks dryish. Glazes are usually mixed in water to cover the porcelain before firing, and become glossy.

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