Pair Georgian oil on canvas on board Saints: Peter and Paul

$1,585.00 the PAIR

This pair of paintings have been cut down from a much larger work, possibly due to damage. I have a framed fragment of a Cornelius van Haarlem that has definite evidence of fire on one corner, and fire was a constant danger to property when flame was the only form of heating, lighting, hot water provision and cooking. The hand woven canvas indicated a pre-Victorian date, probably 18th century. The canvas has been marouflaged onto chipboard, and we have left it on this dimensionally stable support. The frames we have just had made for the paintings, and they have just been cleaned and varnished. The paintings themselves show St Peter (with keys), and, presumably, St Paul, as they are often paired. The quality of the painting is high, and the vigorous tonal contrasts, against the very lush sunny blue background makes them extremely decorative as well as easy to read. Each painting including frame is 35 cm by 44.5 cm.

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