Po the Turtle in Roy’s Antiques


Our regular visitors will be aware of the aquarium in the Steampunk/Men's Gifts department. The present resident is a turtle called Po. He is about 6 years old. He was rescued from the tank he was sharing with a long necked turtle who kept biting his toes off. Hence we took him in and he seems to be very happy in his tank, kept in sparkling condition by our regular aquarist, Errol Pukallus, who cleans the tank every fortnight. Errol cleans and maintains outdoor ponds and indoor aquaria with fish and turtles for schools, businesses, kindergartens etc. He is a licensed working-with-children person. He has all the professional machinery and can supply food and replacement plants and fish etc.

If your pond or aquarium is getting the better of you, Errol can be reached on 0411 300 667. Competitive rates.

Errol imagines the turtle is named after the animated Ninja Panda. I suspect he is named after the New Orleans foodstuff Po Boys. To experience these either go to New Orleans, or to Po Boy Quarter at 295 Smith St Fitzroy. I love the Catfish Po' Boy and hot sauce.


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