RARE 1724 George I, BRITANNIA Standard, Pair Dessert Spoons by JANE Lambe


Hallmarked for London, 1724 and Britannia standard (95.8%), and with a sponsor's mark for Jane Lambe, the widow of George. Her stus as a widow is attested by the "widow's lozenge" shape of her mark. Each spoon is 17 cm long and the pair weighs 84 grams. Dessert spoons are rare form this period. The pattern is hanoverian, which is appropriate for silver from the reign of the first Hanoverian king of Great Britain and Ireland. Victoria was the last Hanoverian monarch of Great Britain. The crest is the Prince of Wales feathers, on a five pointed coronet. This pair matches the 1731 pair also for sale in this website. They were clearly ensuite. For more on the Britannia standard: http://ilovebritanniasilver.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-use-of-britannia-standard-after-1720.html

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