RARE C1768-1770 Plymouth Mug

$425.00 restored

This hard paste porcelain mug has been extensively repaired, although this is invisible to the naked eye. 10.1 cm tall. Perfect examples sell for real money! Here is an affordable example.

Wikipedia's succinct summary is as good as any: "Plymouth porcelain was the first English hard paste porcelain, made in the county of Devon from 1768 to 1770. After two years in Plymouth the factory moved to Bristol in 1770, where it operated until 1781, when it was sold and moved to Staffordshire as the nucleus of New Hall porcelain, which operated until 1835. The Plymouth factory was founded by William Cookworthy.[1] The porcelain factories at Plymouth and Bristol were among the earliest English manufacturers of porcelain, and the first to produce the hard-paste porcelain produced in China and the German factories led by Meissen porcelain."

See Nr 9 lowerhttp://www.antiques-info.co.uk/new/pdf/Nov11/3.pdf left:

For a similar mug:https://www.antiquestradegazette.com/news/2009/plymouth-trio-makes-return-after-96-years/

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