Rare C1775 Louis XVI La Courtille, Locre, Paris Porcelain Teapot


(Alas! We do not have the boxed set: it was sold in Christie's, New York in 2017. Included for interest's sake only.)

This 12 cm tall, rare and delicious hard paste, la Courtille, Locre and Russinger teapot is marked with the crossed arrows, an homage to Meissen's crossed swords. The decoration is beautifully painted floral sprays. The teapot and original lid are perfect. The gilding is in excellent condition. It has been cherished and looked after carefully for a very long time. Such things were very costly when new.

Hard-paste porcelain factory established in 1772 by Jean-Baptiste Locré (1726-1810) with Laurent Russinger (1739-1810), formerly a modeller at Höchst, as director. Factory mark was registered on 14 July 1773. Locré sold out to Russinger in 1787. By 1797 the latter was deep in debt and had to give François Pouyat a stake in the factory in return for an advance with Pouyat becoming sole owner in 1800 and selling the factory to his sons Léonard, Jean-Baptiste and Jean. The factory enjoyed the patronage of the Duc de Berry, son of Charles X,  from 1817 until his assassination in 1820 when production ceased. Its address was Rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi, La Courtille, Paris.

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