Rare C1890 Sedan Chair Vitrine/Display cabinet

$600.00 (HOLD MH)

These little table vitrines or display cabinets were part of the rich interiors of the late 19th century early 20th century, when no flat surface could be left undecorated. While they were meant as decorations themselves, they also preserved small, fragile and precious objects such as "Toy" silver and enamel furniture, gold or enamel boxes, or carved precious stones. The reference to the Western 18th century, considered at the turn of the 20th century the very pinnacle of all culture and civilisation, was also very pointed. In wonderful original condition, this rare thing is 32 cm tall and is 17 cm by 18 cm excluding the carrying poles. The two shaped glass shelves remain. The front door opens. Practical? Not very! Charming and delightful in spades, however.

The sedan chair was named after the  French town of Sedan, where they were first used. Sedan still refers to a closed in automobile, although "sedan car deville" seems to have passed from common parlance. They were introduced to England in 1643, and were a great success, most being used as hire vehicles, the forerunners of today's "taximeter cabrioles", from which we still use taxi and cab.

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