• Louis XVI candlestick
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Recent Reproduction of a Louis XVI candlestick


Stylish and elegant, this is a good copy of a candlestick of about 1760, minus the hefty price tag. It stands 15 cm tall.

The pair of genuine ones illustrated are available from Jamez Fine Arts, Galerie La Scala, 68 rue La Boétie, Paris for under A$7,000, (3500 euros) should you prefer the real thing.

This is typical of the copies now available at the Parisian flea markets, whereas 10 years ago, genuine examples could be had. Since such candlesticks are marked only with a price tag of X euros, if marked at all, I see many tourists who assume they are genuine and buy them. If the dealer is asked about age their formerly good command of English diminishes. Generally, receipts are not given, and it is a cash only market. The same is true of marble statues, bronze figures, picture frames, Vieux Paris porcelain, and many other products. Paris has to run out of antiques sometime, so I suppose this selling of Chinese and locally made copies helps prolong the industry. However, Clignacourt, the largest flea market, is gradually being swallowed by the African clothes and sneaker market that forms its perimeter. I can remember when all those clothes and African wood carving stalls were antique stalls selling real antiques. No doubt an inevitable result of mass tourism. Australians would find the description flea market odd, as products include pieces selling for tens of thousands of euros. Several times I have seen Chinese buyers thrilled to buy an antique souvenir of Paris, when the object was actually a new Chinese made copy. I suppose the copies are made for export from China, rather than for domestic consumption, and are unfamiliar to Chinese tourists' eyes.

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