Regency period watercolour attr. to John Varley ( 1778-1842)


An early 19th century watercolour attributed to the English artist John Varley (1778-1842). John Varley exhibited art the Royal Academy between 1798 and 1841. Varley was a skilled watercolourist and founding member of the Old Watercolour Society in 1805, where he exhibited 739 works over the years. A friend of the poet William Blake, and an astrologer, Varley illustrated the book "Visionary Heads", while Blake wrote the text. Varley was an accomplished drawing teacher.

This watercolour is a Romantic landscape featuring a river, beyond which lie a church and the ruins of an abbey, presumably. Ruins in a wild, unkempt landscape expressed the period's admiration for unruly Nature and raw passion.

The frame is 44.5 cm by 37.5 cm. The revealed watercolour is 28 cm by 21 cm.

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