Richard and Ginori, Doccia Cache Pot/Ice Bucket/Jardiniere


This form was developed in the 18th century (1701-1800) as a bottle receptacle. It is now mostly used for potted plants. This example is a recent one by the conjoined Richard and Ginori companies. Marked as manufactured by Doccia, another ancient name in Italian porcelains, in Florence.

As Wikipedia pithily observes: "The Doccia porcelain manufactory, at Doccia,  near Florence, was founded in 1735 by marchese Carlo Ginori near his villa. Now known as Richard-Ginori, following its merger with Società Richard of Milan (in 1896), as of February, 2013 it was in bankruptcy but in April it was acquired by Gucci."

It stands 13.5 cm tall and the external diameter is 14,5 cm.

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