Rose Cut Diamond Jewellery $295 to $1950

Rose cut diamonds are my favourite. They are flat on the bottom and facetted on top. The flat bottom is usually foiled backed (mirror) and the top is shaped rather like a geodesic dome. There is no table, as with Old Cuts or Brilliant cuts. The flash from a Rose cut is usually very long: its flash travels quite a distance. That is to say, if you want to dazzle the populace from horseback or a balcony, rose cuts are the diamonds for you!

The rose cut jewellery selection starts at $295 for a multi stone ring and goes up to $1850 for a Victorian brooch that once formed part of a tiara. This could easily be transformed into a pearl clasp or pendant, as the brooch pin screws in at the back. The same mechanism could be replicated with a variety of fittings.

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