Royal Portrait(SOLD)


This is an official state portrait of Christian Ludwig II (1683-1756), Duke of Mecklenbeg-Schwerin, probably intended as a diplomatic gift or similar. ?The son of Frederick I (1638-1688) and Christine Wilhelmine(1653-1722). He married Gustave Caroline , Princess of Meckenburg-Strelitz on November 13, 1714. he eventually succeded to the throne of the Duchy in 1747,after various other family members, subsequent to his father's death in 1688.

Most notably Christian Ludwig II founded the Art Gallery of the Castle of Schwerin, with a collection of 17th century Dutch paintings. This formed the basis of the present prestigeous Staatliches Museum collection in Schwerin. Christian Ludwig also founded the first german States school of acting.?

We have coloured images of the paintings of Gustave Ludwig, his father, elder brother and son at the shop. We always wondered what mid-18th century warrior-rulers wore beneath their armour. Now we know; mauve velvet.

?The painting has been cleaned, varnished and framed in a new, black Baroque style frame. Exclusive of the frame the canvas is 62 cm by 77 cm.?

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