Set of 6 assembled Sevres Dishes painted with Floral Sprays


Five painters are responsible for the beautifully observed floral sprays on this assembled set of six dishes. Two are painted by Francois Binet, in 1765. He was active between 1750 and 1775 (mark shown). Nowadays they would be called pasta dishes, but were originally used for courses with rich sauces. Each is 24 cm diameter and 4 cm high. As an assembled set the weights of the plates varies a little, although they all look to be matching.

They date from the 1760s, during the reign of Louis XV. Louis XV reigned from the death of his great grandfather in 1715 till his grandson inherited France and Navarre in 1774.The incomparable Marquise de Pompadour had been the King's Offical Mistress until 1751, and continued to be an ornament to his court until her death in 1764. In 1768, the new Official Mistress, the Comtesse du Barry was installed, who was kind, stupid, and fabulously beautiful. She doted on her Indian slave Zamor, who repaid her kindness by betraying her to the Revolutionary Government, after which the poor Comtesse was guillotined in 1793, during The Terror. Such is the historical context of these graceful, aristocratic dishes dating form the Ancien Regime.

Conversation peters out during dinner? These should solve the problem.

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