3 Rare Breakfast Cups Richard Ginori, Fleurs par Donnibarozopi

$100.00 each Breakfast cup.

Teacups are sold.

$100 each breakfast cups and saucers. Saucers 18 cm, and the cups diameter 11.5 cm and 6 cm tall.

Richard Ginori was founded by Marquis Carlo Ginori outside of Florence, Italy in 1735, and the company went on to produce fine porcelain for European nobles including the Medici family and Marie-Louise of Austria, Napoleon's second wife. The company was merged in 1896 with Giulio Richard's Milanese porcelain factory, giving rise to the name Richard-Ginori. Long recognized as one of the world's premier fine porcelain manufacturers, Ginori was sold to luxury goods company Gucci in 2013 as the intended centerpiece of the tabletop portion of their home collection.

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