A smart Contemporary, Post-Minimal Apartment

We can supply similar antiques to the ones you see in this elegant contemporary, post-minimal apartment. We have a Louis XVI armchair almost identical by Noel Tousaint Porrot, made about 1770.

We have many, many, many pairs (and singles!) of Louis XV open armchairs, from 1700s Paris, many signed by makers represented in the world's museums: Falconet, Porrot, Remy, Chevigny, Forget etc.

Several corner cabinets are available, including one by Francois Mondon (1695-1770).

We also have many, many pairs of18th century French candlesticks: shiny! We cannot presently supply a similar wall clock, or porcelain ice bucket for the plant. You can't have everything! Spicing up your home with 18th century French or English works of art (artisan made, in natural materials) might be more affordable than you think, and it is much, much greener than buying anything new.

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