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(SOLD Em)46cm 19th Century Grand Tour Bronze of Borghese Gladiator


46cm 19th Century Grand Tour Bronze of Borghese Gladiator $4250

This large, 46 cm tall, bronze of the Borghese Gladiator is an impressive 19th century Grand Tour specimen. I have stood many times beneath the arm of the original Greek marble statue in the Louvre. It is about life size, being 199 cm tall. It was known since before 1611 and was owned by the the noble Borghese family, whose name it still retains. The marble original is signed Agasias, a sculptor of Ephesus, possibly after Lyssipus, and dates to about 100B.C. It is clearly not a gladiator, but a warrior fighting a mounted opponent. The shield and the spear have vanished from the original, so the strange armlet thing on the raised arm is a reproduction of the stub of the shield that once existed on the marble. Some later copies re-instate the shield. We have two other copies of this staue, both much smaller. One is a 19th century Louvre Museum product, and the other is a 1920s one, where the warrior stands on an onyx base.

The hand chiselled finish is fine, with particularly nice hair, and the patina is a rich and satisfying deep green-brown. This is large enough to be quite a major contribution to any room.

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