(SOLD)Transylvanian Silver Casket part of the the Great Antiques


(SOLD) Viennese Enamel, Silver and Tortoiseshell Jewel Casket C 1870

We? bought this casket in Australia from a family that had brought it

from a Transylvanian Castle during WWII (yes, really!). We sold it locally,

and it eventually appeared at Dorotheum, the Viennese auction house, in

14/10/2010 lot 994 with an estimate of 7,000 to 9,000 euros: far more

than its price in Melbourne. (N.B. Now, Sept 2015, currently available at a London dealer for GBP 12,000)

This is emblematic of the flood of antiques and art

leaving Australia every year for nations where the price is much higher,

most conspicuously China. Hence there are simply far fewer antiques in

Australia than there were in, say, 1990, after 20 years of vigorous export.

Antiques are still cheap in Australia, but with export pressures this cannot persist.

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