Vogue: Predictions for Interiors in 2020

I have read so many articles on predicted trends for the 2020s my head is spinning. They are always plentiful this time of year. They give you an idea of what new products will be available in the shops next season, and which current products will be reduced 90% to clear ASAP. However, they all agree that :

IN: maximalism, natural materials, colour, pattern and texture, dark polished wood, antiques, vintage, patina, indoor plants, the food palette (cream, caramel, cappuccino, coffee, etc), the dirt and moss palette (moss greens, mud browns, russets, sand, deep blue, terra cotta, and so forth), furnishings made of recycled natural materials, bespoke artisanal furniture and objects, rattan and cane.

OUT: Minimalism, white, monochromes, mid-century modern, pale woods, mechanical perfection, clean lines, (I am sure most of my fellow Australians haven't yet noticed Millennial Pink, so do not worry, you've missed it: its OUT!), mass produced "Fast Furniture" (such as Ikea).

Roy's personal comment:

Of course, homes should reflect the personality of the individual. I have maintained the same clothing and interiors theme  for decades. I (and home) could slip back 100 years and hardly raise an eyebrow. Sometimes I am completely out of fashion: a maverick! Sometimes I am avant garde, when my style is just about to come in again. Sometimes I am right on trend, en point, quintessentially fashionable. Then the cycle begins again, back to being last year's flavour. If you want to live in a pared down, clean lined, Minimalist white box with large naked windows, with almost no contents, do it! Go for it! Be a maverick as I was in 2000. Just do not entertain a fantasy that such a space is in any way, shape or form fashionable in 2020 (well, since about 2000 actually.) We would like you to update your look with a couple of statement antiques, please!

VOGUE:  "We’ll see the continued resurgence in the use of antiques; even younger people are using them as an alternative to mass produced catalogue offerings, in a desire to create rooms with more character and individuality."

“Brown is definitely back, the use of different tones of timber in one space, but paired with plum, rust, coral, aubergine, new lime and old gold. These give interiors a look and feel resembling a 70’s vibe.”

"There are a few design trends we’ve seen a lot over the past few years: mid-century modern, stark white kitchens, faux-lambskin rugs, and so many shades of pink. But the twenty teens are coming to an end, and many of the distinctive styles are set to fade accordingly."


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