Werribee Park Table, Chirnside Mansion


This table, alas badly photographed immediately prior to delivery, was part of the 58 crates of furniture supplied in 1877 to the newly built Chirnside mansion, now Werribee Park, by John Taylor & Sons of Edinburgh. The mansion house was built 1874-1877, and furnished in the very latest style; mostly Louis XVI Revival. The house was bought by the Jesuit Order in the 1920s, at which time a table and six chairs were bought, which the that family held until 2002, when they sold them to Roy's Antiques. The chairs and table were then sold separately. We are delighted to have had this table again in 2009. Werribee Park is open to the public.

?While this Chirnside table is still in private ownership, the canteen of mid-19th century sterling silver cutlery that belonged to the Austin family (as in Austin Hospital) was bought by us some years ago and it has now returned to the Austin mansion, Bawon Park, a 42 room 1860s bluestone pile, and?therefore out of the public domain. The mansion is open to the public and the silver is often on view.




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