C1920s Set of 4 Old Russian Style or Panslavic Silver Tea Spoons, Soviet

$220.00 set of 4.

These Old Russian Style teaspoons are a political statement. They represent a 19th century pushback against the westernisation of Russian that began under Peter the Great in the late 17th century. Nationalist feeling in the mid-19th century expressed itself in a return to traditional Slavic Russian design, and is especially appealing in silver. The fig shaped bowls and pointy stem derive from Imperial Roman spoons. As Russia saw itself as the rightful descendant of Rome of the Emperors, the Roman style spoons were a potent symbol of Russia's pre-eminence in the world. Westerners often ignore the continuation of the Eastern half of the Roman Empire right up till the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The two halves gave rise to the double headed Roman eagle. This was retained by the remaining half. Dynastic marriages had been made between the Byzantine Emperor's family and the Cristian Kievan Princes. Hence, Russia inherited the double headed Eagle, the responsibility of the protecting Eastern Orthodox Christianity, as well as the ruling bloodline, and a few actual crowns and thrones.

The set of 4 spoons is Soviet (there is an Imperial one displayed 2nd from left for comparison), 97.5% silver and are 12.5 cm long. Total weight 58 grams.

374/OULP.   4

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