18th & 19th Century Wares

410 Queen’s Pde, Clifton Hill

Victoria, 3068 Australia

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The Clifton Hill Outlet has now closed permanently.

Find us at the Camberwell Antique Centre.

About Roy

Roy Williams has been antiques dealing in Melbourne since 1979. His nine years of tertiary education are all relevant to antiques. He has published two books and hundreds of magazine articles. He had a shop in San Francisco in the 1990s and has exhibited at Antiques Fairs in Australia and the USA.

The 1990s were a busy time, with Roy being an ‘expert’ on three weekly ABC talk-back radio shows for 7 years. Regular television appearances included Good Morning Australia, Healthy Wealthy and Wise, etc. etc.

Now in semi-retirement Roy lives entirely for pleasure, trading online, and at Camberwell Antique Centre

Septembers are usually spent studying abroad, favourite places being Paris and New Orleans.

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