C1921 London Britannia Standard Silver (95.8%), Lidded Cup, Crichton Bros, London, Chicago, 5th Ave Manhattan!


A lidded cup in the early 18th century (1701-1800) style by the Crichton Bros. London, 1921. It is 480 grams of Britannia standard silver. Britannia is 95.8% silver, while sterling is only 92.5 % silver. The higher standard when used in the 1920s indicates a particularly luxurious level of craftsmanship, as does the heavy gauge. 17.5 cm tall, it is an opulent piece of the goldsmiths art. Crichton Bros, founded in C1890, in Kensington, also had branches in Fifth Avenue, New York, and in Chicago. Yours for $2200. To be seen at Camberwell Antique Centre: open 7 days a week. My photography is not this great. This online photo is of an identical piece.

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