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Author Archives: Roy Williams

Garage Sale Treasure to Grand Antique Shop

I have always loved this story of the travels of a wrecked piece of furniture as it gradually moves up the ladder to its eventual home. The story, by the now infamous Cristopher Gibbs,  was published in 1970 in the magazine Discovering Art. It is still as good an illustration of the antiques industry as… Continue Reading

“Silver” Candlesticks, aristocratic deception and insider trading.

“House prices never go down”, proclaimed the young person. and indeed they had not in his lifetime. However, I involuntarily thought “Aha! You didn’t watch television every might in 1989 when house prices tumbled and evictions and financial ruin were daily news.” “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”(George Santayana, erudite… Continue Reading

What is Steampunk and where can I see its influence?

You have seen Steampunk influences everywhere. You just may not have recognized it or known what name to call it. It is an important strand of Post-Minimalism. Remember Minimalism from late last century? Bleak! Steampunk may be explained pithily as iPads and space ships dressed up in the costume of the Industrial Age, the 19th… Continue Reading

Attribution of Georges Jacob Chairs

I am able to attribute these chairs to Georges Jacob, one of the most important furniture makers in Paris under Louis XVI, the various governments in between, and Napoleon Ist. Part of the reason Jacob produced such successful chairs is his use of mahogany, a dramatic innovation for a joiner. As a rule, 18th century… Continue Reading

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