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Author Archives: Roy Williams

Budget Edwardian DIY Downton Abbey or Gosford Park

This splendid and comfortable interior successfully evokes the elegance and comfort of the Edwardian Age, much popularised by Downton Abbey, and to a lesser extent other recent “Bonnet Dramas”. This 1980s recreation demonstrates how a few, well chosen trophy antiques provide elegance and richness, while the abundant soft furnishing (which could be anything under the… Continue Reading

John Henry Belter Chairs in New York and Melbourne.

John Henry Belter chair in its natural New York Home, and one in Melbourne. This image of an interior C1852, comes form the Whitmore mansion formerly (demolished 1965) at 4-17 Twenty Seventh Avenue, Queens, New York, when it was a country villa.. The American Rococo Revival interior, roughly equivalent to our mid-Victorian period, shows a… Continue Reading

Empire Style Interior in Sydney.

This Empire style interior in Sydney demonstrates the richness of colour to be found in early 19th century interiors. Empire’s contemporary and similar British style is Regency, which used equally strong colours. The main influence in both was the classical world of Rome, Greece and Egypt, although the Orient also had influence. Empire takes its… Continue Reading

1990s and 2016 Interior Decoration.

Fashion changes imperceptibly, day by day, so that we do not notice the change until we take a longer view such as 15 years. In the built environment this period chronicles the gradual fading of 1990s glacial, Minimalist, spare elegance to contemporary Maximalist lushness. To be in style in 2016 something has to be shiny,… Continue Reading

“Dairy colour scheme” with antiques.

Classic Interior with Antiques C1970 showing a restrained natural colour scheme of gold, oatmeal, coffee, chocolate and honey: the traditional “dairy colour scheme”, that is perennially popular and was last high fashion late last century under the influence of Kelly Hoppen. Can be a bit dull without a little bright “seasoning”, in this case the… Continue Reading

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