18th & 19th Century Wares

410 Queen’s Pde, Clifton Hill

Victoria, 3068 Australia

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The Clifton Hill Outlet has now closed permanently.

Find us at the Camberwell Antique Centre.

Lavish Museum House in East Melbourne to visit.

The Johnstone Collection is a fully furnished Museum House in Melbourne that is well worth a visit.


The Green Drawing Room in the Johnstone Collection House Museum demonstrates the popularity of the London Townhouse style in Melbourne in the late 1960s-1990. This style is now returning to favour as one of the sub-categories of the prevailing maximalist fashion, so this museum is a very valuable resource indeed.

The Johnstone Collection is a house museum with spectacular collections of antique furniture, silver, porcelain, paintings all arranged in a domestic environment. The objects are not in cabinets but in the open as in a private house. It is in East Melbourne, and bookings are essential.

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